Homemade Chicken Stock For Just Pennies! 

Save clean carrot scrapings, celery leaves and outer onion layers and freeze them in a Ziploc bag. Then when you have leftover bones from a roast chicken, throw everything into a pot with enough water to cover and simmer for an hour. You’ll wind up with a delicious homemade soup stock, that was practically free to make! Strain the broth into a freezer-safe container and freeze until needed.

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April is a dedicated wife and almost empty-nester mother of five, as well as Mamaw to two adorable grandbabies. She resides in Southern Indiana, along with her husband Joe and their daughter Melissa, and enjoys the quite life on their 3 acre homestead. She enjoys blogging about her adventures in frugal allergy-free cooking, gardening, household tips, and her family.
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