Removing Foot and Shoe Odor

As long as foot odor is not from a medical condition, try these tips:

1. Wash your feet and thoroughly dry them.

2. Spray feet with deodorant before putting on your socks.

3. Wash feet with antibacterial soap.

4. Soak your feet in vinegar for five minutes every night.

5. Air out shoes in between each wearing, and pour a little baking soda inside each shoe, which will help neutralize odors.

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April is a dedicated wife and almost empty-nester mother of five, as well as Mamaw to two adorable grandbabies. She resides in Southern Indiana, along with her husband Joe and their daughter Melissa, and enjoys the quite life on their 3 acre homestead. She enjoys blogging about her adventures in frugal allergy-free cooking, gardening, household tips, and her family.
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