We’ll be having more cold weather this week here on the Homestead. The good news though, is that it’s not going to be the severe below 0 temps we’ve been dealing with for the last month. It’s mainly going to be in the 30′s which is a heat wave almost! :) I seen one sign of encouragement a couple of days ago, geese were flying North over our home on Friday!

That means one of two things, either the geese were lost, or Spring will be arriving shortly. I’m hoping really hard that it’s that second option.

If you’re new to Angels Homestead, welcome to my weekly menu plan! I’ve shared an entire week’s worth of grain free dinners, as well as what we’ll be eating for breakfast and lunch here on the homestead.

February Weekly Menu Plan

This week’s breakfast options: Egg White Veggie Omelets, Grain Free Cinnamon Bun in a Mug, Assorted Fruits

This Week’s Lunch Options: Leftovers, Egg White and Avocado Salad on Greens, Caramel Yogurt, {Just mix a couple tablespoons of my homemade caramel sauce into a cup of Greek yogurt, SO GOOD}! Assorted Cut-Up Veggies


Monday – Family Favorite Tacos, Restaurant Style Salsa and Sweet Potato Chips

Tuesday – Grilled Breaded Pork Chops, Sauteed Parmesan Asparagus

Wednesday – Family Pizza and Movie Night

Thursday – Roast Turkey, Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Friday – YOYO {You’re On Your Own}

Saturday – Roast Turkey Soup

Sunday – Picadillo, Spanish Cauli-Rice

What’s on your menu this week?

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April is a dedicated wife and almost empty-nester mother of five, as well as Mamaw to two adorable grandbabies. She resides in Southern Indiana, along with her husband Joe and their daughter Melissa, and enjoys the quite life on their 3 acre homestead. She enjoys blogging about her adventures in frugal allergy-free cooking, gardening, household tips, and her family.
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